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First solo acoustic album. Recorded in an apartment.


released May 9, 2010

Matthew Braman played melodica, percussion, harmonica, and did "RIP THAT COP'S HEAD OFF back ground vocals.




Travis James & The Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists Phoenix, Arizona

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What's right doesn't work,
and what works isn't right.
So nothing works, and nothing's right.
That's the way that it works,
am i right?

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Track Name: Love, Songs and Bombs
When does "then and there" meet up with "here and now?"
And if they're seen as separate, how will we ever know?
I feel beckoned in directions to proceed anyhow
Regardless of the way the winds will blow.

I love to love, I love to sing, I love singing while it's burning!

Burn it down with me.

Now wait a minute, am I serious? Is it as bad as it seems?
Is retaliatory violence included in "by any means?"
Well, you privileged, leftist brats can ask me if I care, then leave.
Call me a crazy arsonist, there are worse things I could be.


Politicians putting prices on people over seas...
Crooked cops coordinating corruption in the streets...
Bloated bastard bankers bankrupting economies...

... remind me there are worse things I could be.
Track Name: Break Free, Not Even
I know exactly how it came to this, there's no escaping all the implications.
There's a retaliatory relationship full prepared for ramifications.

And I see you...
On the wrong side of a line.
And I see you...
As the lowest form of life.
And I see you...
With a bullet between your eyes.

There's a place in my mind that wants to rip that cops head off.
And there's a will, so there's a way.
And there's a part of my heart that wants to tear it all apart.
It'll never go Away.

I'm better when I'm wrong than you are when you're right.
Track Name: Bad Days
From the back seat of your car I see your eyes in the rear-view mirror,
And I stare.
In your eyes I see the fear from all the lies that you've had to hear,
And I care.

And now I know that you've won me over when you said
We could have bad days together, and it wouldn't be so bad

Time after time, I hesitate, patiently wait and demonstrate
That either way it's fine even if it's always on my mind.
And I'm trying to figure out where respect ends and giving up begins.

It wouldn't be so bad.
Track Name: Nowhere
It was years before I slept out on the cold concrete that my bitter, dried up heart that beats
Cleared out such a welcoming vacancy for a guitar playing girl, stranger in the street
And reminded me about the possibilities of the road and my own capabilities
And the government's own inability to keep me from being free in captivity

When you're free to go anywhere, and ya gotta make sure ya do
There's something that you will hear everywhere, doesn't matter even if it's true...
They'll say you're going nowhere.

Now I remember to include in my plans that if you plan to take a stand that some will end up hating you and some will never understand.
Never been just one path that's mine, never been satisfied witha 9 to 5
But I never felt so damn alive than when I packed up everything and ran.

Just going nowhere at all.
Track Name: Anything
I'm a single inch of skin that's been scratched till callous formed
And we all know the sun awaits just behind the storm
And I've been looking for someone to help open up the door

Cus I can't feel anything anymore.

And I've become so pessimistic from being let down and abused.
And the cycle will reciprocate as my own ill-will ensues.
And I thought it always would, until the day that I met you.

Cus I can't feel anything anymore.

And the clouds break, your arms are opening.
Without you there for me, I won't have anything.

And I won't let you be the one that leaves because of me.

Or I won't feel anything anymore.
Track Name: Eviction Song
Let's make every dollar we have to spend on rent
Provide us with space for memories.
And we can remind each other that it meant
so much more than their fucking currency.

And so all the bad decisions that I criticize
They reside forever in my mind
So here's to all the unforgettable times
That your carelessness provides.

So when the power goes out, and the landlord's bargin in
And the walls are painted over
We can all begin to reflect
That every fucking check we spend on rent
Is just a hand around our necks
And while their hands are in our pocket books,
We're asking ourselves
What can we make the most of next?
Track Name: Have A Great Day
Fuck you.

The sun doesn't go down, the earth just spins around.
Just like the lights in our lives don't go out.
They just spin round and round.

I cry all the time, but not because I don't enjoy my life.
Cus even if I get sad, it's just because I appreciate everything I have.
So I'm gunna find a way to make it right.
Track Name: Domestic Terrorist's Lament
Rage... sometimes a symptom manifest from psyche scars
displays in ways that blaze their way through the glass creating shards
And to further disassociate, the state with haste alienates and places it away behind bars.

And I know that:
they'll come crashing through my door
I won't get to hold my loved ones anymore
I can't tear it all down on my own
And I don't want to go alone

Empires and desires go hand in hand like pyres and concession stands with condiments, compliments of control.
No secret sauce or lenient boss or welfare check or lowest cost can keep its sleeper-hold on stolen souls.

Is it that hard to convey that burning shops and killing cops won't make it go away, but express and light the way for the dispossessed to see a brighter day?

And I know that:
When they come for me I'll try to be prepared
I'll be terrified tellin myself I'm not scared
Losin you is something I can't bare
If I make it out I'll need ya there.
Track Name: Oh Well
How can you fight with folks for fighting folks without finding out you are just folks who fight?
So stop fighting folks for fighting folks, come out and fight some folks with us tonight!

It means so much to me that things mean so much to me
It means so much to be able to breath

We'll carry on with good intentions even if they only pave the road to hell.
And if the "worst" just do their "best" the rest will be "good enough" as far as I can tell.
Track Name: Kill The FBI
For those who claim their money must be pried from their dead hands
That opportunity won't go to waste.
Not government immunity, nor your gated community
Can ever, ever, ever keep you safe.

And if the blood never washes off, I'll proudly stain my hands.
My conscience will remain clean.
What some might call my soul was stolen long ago
By the most soulless men the world has ever seen

Campaigns of infiltration of our organizations
Might be less effective in the end
If when they come-a-knocking
We let them know their stalking
Means they'll never see their families again.

Kill The FBI