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Diego Galvan- Heatbreak- Life Has Been Empty


It's hard to know I'll never hear those words again
When I was down you'd always help me up my friend
Oh how I miss you now
I only wish I'd missed you more then

It always scared me, how close we got
Always knew it'd be my fault that we fell apart
Put the blame on me I accept it now
I only wish I'd accepted it when I was your friend

Now every memory's a bad time, your fucking letters make me cry
I feel lost and alone without you
Thought you would always be by my side

Now these words roll off my tongue
Much easier than I'd like to admit
I'm sure you remember bad times
I wish we could make more good

Lately I've had trouble sleeping
The thought of you keeps me awake
I throw every good thing away
What's wrong with me for fucks sake

I need to wake up and put my life back together
Need to put this drink down you'll always deserve better...

Now when I look into your eyes all I see are bluer skies
Now when I look into my eyes all I see is my wasted life

Now every night I can't tell if I am lonely
Or am I pushing my friends away?
I get your life has been better without me
But without my best friend my life's been empty





Travis James & The Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists Phoenix, Arizona

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What's right doesn't work,
and what works isn't right.
So nothing works, and nothing's right.
That's the way that it works,
am i right?

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