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I'm here again, I'm lost my friend
I'm on and off and all of my care is spent
These years are gone, it's been prolonged
The stress has been eating my soul away
I cannot breathe, this nicotine, it tastes so sweet but I know it's killing me
Some times I dream and make believe that I'll see something inside myself others see but I never feel

I'm falling now, I don't know how
To get back up I'll lay here on the ground
I want to sleep my life away, but to my friends is what I'll never say
They don't always know that I'm fading away
I feel it now like a bullet in my brain
Life feels stressful and I want to run away

I've been here before, but now the score
Is stacked against me and now it feels like war
Please leave me, I do not need a friend to listen I found all I need is sleep
I'm sorry but solitude would be a relief





Travis James & The Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists Phoenix, Arizona

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What's right doesn't work,
and what works isn't right.
So nothing works, and nothing's right.
That's the way that it works,
am i right?

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